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  1. Turbo

    Cimos’ largest business unit is Turbo, where it is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. Cimos parts are incorporated in car...
  2. Powertrain

    The Powertrain business unit products demand include significant innovation and development as a result of the continual drive towards...
  3. Chassis and car-body parts

    At Cimos, we subscribe to the principles of environmentally friendly and safe mobility. The business unit Chassis and car-body serves to...
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bullet 07.05.2015
Issued the resolution on confirmation of the Compulsory Settlement over CIMOS d.d..
Yesterday, on 6 May 2015 the District Court in Koper has issued the resolution on confirmation of the Compulsory...
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bullet 10.04.2015
Cimos Compulsory Settlement Secured- Majority Votes Given
The District Court of Koper has today received the votes representing the required majority in order to secure the...
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bullet 01.04.2015
Ernst & Young to consult in the Cimos sales process
Ernst & Young group was selected to provide consultancy services in the Cimos sale process. Its experts are set...
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